Capitol Auto Credit - Worst dealership ever

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this dealership ripped me off completely.I will never recommend them to anyone.

They are *** bags, they lied to me and took my money as well as taking advantage of a 18 year old girl trying to buy her first car. I wish these people will go bankrupt. They deserve everything that comes to them. How could they take advantage of me and not feel bad about it?

They lied to me over the phone saying i could give my car back and when i got there everything had suddenly changed.I will never ever go back to them and cannot wait for the day i get rid of this car.

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Madison, Wisconsin, United States #862681

Don't stop at capital auto credit..NO GOOD!!!!

There are other places to go to look around if your credit is bad . Shop around there are very nice when your buying. After that they are very rude Travis , an Jeff supposed to be a manager need better training.


Middleton, Wisconsin, United States #743064

After reading reviews of this company on this and other sites I decided to check out the lot myself while no one was there.I did not want to be bothered by sales people while I looked at cars and blue booked them on my I Phone.

OMG the mark up on them were just ridiculous.I may have poor credit but I will never go to a buy here pay here dealership, what a rip off!!

Capitol Auto Credit - Charged 4 or more times what a car is worth

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This company may boast that they can help people with bad credit but to charge what they do for vehicles is a crime and should be investigated.I was paying $100 a week for a 1998 Dodge about $12,000 for a car that is worth just over $3,000.

I was injured and not working for awhile so I surrendered the car, I thought this would be better than them knocking on my door to repo it.

When I got back on my feet we went to a different car dealership and got a 2011 for just under $400 a month.So i say keep shopping around or buy a beater car until you can save money for an upgrade and keep your money away from these *** artists.

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My wife wrote some complaints about this company on my behalf but Capitol Auto Credit would ask the site to take it down because her name was not on any paperwork.Most of the time all she would ask is why they charge so much.

The only one who would reply is Jeff and he wouldn't give a straight answer.

We will both keep asking until they tell the public how they feel when they charge 3-4 times what a vehicle is worth.Guaranteed they will not ever answer.

to Ken Madison, Wisconsin, United States #762097

Still no reply on how they can charge so much.Anyone know who to contact about regulations on buy here pay here businesses?

I would love to hear Jeff's answer but he is now gone completely quiet. My wife is still trying to get someone to answer on Yelp but nope.....guess they can't answer because it might hurt their business or what they charge is illegal.

Until they say something I am going to keep at them...I see they pulled in more suckers...I really feel sorry for these people.Please try Mad City Sales, they at least charge that price for a 2 year old car NOT a 10 year old car!


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My husband brought a van from Capitol Auto Madison Wis .And a year in half later he lost his job and had a heart attack and back problems but he still was making payment of $250 to $300 and tryed to talk to Travis who work at Capitol Auto Madison Wis .

Travis was very very nasty and very rude and would not work with him At the time my husband should have took out the Insurance if something happen the Insurance would pay but he did not you sure learn from your mistake .

Do Not Buy a Car From Capitol Auto Madison Wis there very Rude I should say Travis is very Rude person and not a good bussiness man he is nasty person and not willing to work with you .BE CAUTION AT CAPITOL AUTO

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These people are a joke at Capital Auto Credit.Hi mileage cars and old...and yes they douple triple the prices.

There are plenty other finance places out there similar to them that are way better than them.Do your research and don't get ripped off.


Do not do business with this company, or any like it!The people that work there are ***.

They will take full advantage of your poor credit situation, Do your research. Check with capital one auto credit, they specialize in sub prime loans with reputable dealers. Also try a big dealer and you would be surprised.

Also try Americredit.Do yourself a favor and do not feed these white trash vultures.

to Anonymous #798817

Hey hey hey....I work there.

I am overweight and a little slow, but I don't really care about you. You already signed the papers!

Too bad so sad.Haha

to Jamie Madison, Wisconsin, United States #861888

Not a very professional response. grow up!!

to Jamie Madison, Wisconsin, United States #1131417

Real professional *** hole

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #737777

How about this company needs a few more regulations!A 1998 Dodge Intrepid for 12,000 when Kelly Blue Book lists it at just over $3,000.

I understand they have to make money but holy *** 4x what its worth?

How are they expecting people who have bad credit (who are living paycheck to paycheck most often) pay that much for a car that is 5 years away from being able to get collectors plates??Come on people, buy a beater car and save your nickels and dimes for a better car before you give your hard earned money to these rip off artists!

Necedah, Wisconsin, United States #692234

I personally know Travis and business.Unfortunately in today's society far too many people have sad stories to tell ...

you had a bad string of luck. But I promise you what you say about Travis is your anger that you didn't get your way. He was doing his job. Don't pay, than don't plan on keeping your vehicle.

Travis keep up the good work.Jamie.....

to jamie #935911

Travis and caesar is rude and nasty salesman I hope they lose this business with these old *** cars they are selling


You didn't mention how you guys wanted him to work with you. Kind of seems like you didn't get your way and are taking it out on him. Sounds like he was only doing his job.

Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine #692117

If you want people to take you seriously, try using proper grammar.

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